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20 Best Gaming WordPress Theme 2022

Gaming WordPress themes are an excellent tool for developing an online presence and making your gaming website stand out from the competition in the most effective manner. Even if you’re not a web design expert and have never touched a line of code in your life, WordPress themes enable you to rapidly create a website and personalize it to your demands.

Thanks, WordPress to make available so many gaming WordPress themes, no matter what sort of website you want to design or who your target audience is, there should be an off-the-shelf option available that’s appropriate for your project.

This selection of the finest gaming themes will present you with a variety of possibilities, ranging from gaming blogs and news and review publications to online gaming communities and e-commerce companies.

In the case of multiple pre-built page templates, extensive customization possibilities, and a variety of premium tools that are included at no additional cost, the majority of these gaming themes have many of the same features as the finest all-purpose WordPress themes. However, what distinguishes these game themes from the more generic templates available is the fact that they are designed specifically for gaming purposes.

A website to express your opinions broadcast the newest gaming news, or market your own goods is what you need. The best gaming themes listed below will guide you through the process of creating your gaming website.

1. Game Addict – Clan War Gaming Theme

Game Addict is the best gaming theme that is suitable for clans and gamers. It enables you to establish and administer clan fights, which may include a variety of maps, teams, and game types.

If you like playing clan war games and would want to create your own, then this gaming theme is just what you should be looking at purchasing. You may rely on its capabilities, which range from a team playing mode to page construction via Visual Composer, without having to compromise on any of your ideas. This product’s design quality and customer service are unrivaled, and you will undoubtedly feel satisfied that you made the correct choice. Simply form a notion of the sort of clan game you would want to play and let this best gaming theme work its magic to bring your vision to life.

2. PlayerX – A High-powered Theme for Gaming and eSports

PlayerX is a powerful and the best WordPress theme designed specifically for constructing gaming and eSports websites.

 this gaming WordPress theme is largely focused on the creation of gaming websites using the WordPress content management platform. Design elements such as suitable color schemes and eye-catching images are used throughout the PlayerX package to ensure that the templates are appealing to players of all skill levels. All of the inner page templates and the homepage are designed in this manner, as is the rest of the theme demonstration.

Because of the diverse number of templates and layouts included in the PlayerX package, this WordPress gaming theme is suited for a wide range of gaming-related websites and applications. This includes websites dedicated to eSports projects, gaming studios, and the promotion of video game releases, to mention a few examples. On the PlayerX sample website, you can see all of the numerous possibilities, including the layouts for posting news, live feeds, portfolios, and other types of content. You may also simply sell things from your gaming website or construct an online shop selling game-related stuff since this theme has strong levels of ecommerce support.

Despite the fact that the PlayerX theme has a beautiful appearance, you are not restricted to utilizing it in its default configuration. Website owners will have access to a comprehensive collection of theme choices for customizing their WordPress gaming website. Another premium content editing tool is included in the bundle, which allows you to alter any of the templates that are compatible with the WPBakery Page Builder plugin. It is also possible to make changes to your website in other ways, for as by modifying the slideshows that are already there or by making your own. Players will love the social media integration tools that make it easier to upload social material on their website while also increasing their followings on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re searching for a cutting-edge gaming WordPress theme, PlayerX should be at the top of your selection.

3. Eldritch – Epic Theme for Gaming and eSports

Gamer, corporations, and anybody else involved in the video game industry will find Eldritch as a best gaming WordPress theme to be a captivating esports and gaming theme. A variety of exciting and readily configurable gaming homepage layouts are included, including those for esports matches, game showcase, gaming blog, concept art display, online shop, and other applications. In addition, you will get a forum template as well as complete compatibility with the bbPress forum software. It has a distinct design style that will make your gaming and esports website stand out in a spectacular manner. Your enthusiasm for gaming is greatly appreciated . Eldritch allows you to build an awe-inspiring gaming and esports website that is really out of this planet.

With this gaming WordPress theme, it is simple to make modifications to the pre-built content of Eldritch as well as the overall aesthetic of your website. Because the bundle includes the premium WPBakery Page Builder plugin at no additional cost, anybody may update the demo content or build their own unique page designs using a drag-and-drop interface, regardless of their technical expertise.

When seeking for a gaming and eSports theme with a classic style and a contemporary feature list, Eldritch may be the right choice for you. It has a traditional design and a modern feature list.

4. Godlike – Game Theme for WordPress

Godlike is an evocative and one of the best gaming WordPress theme that is a great place to start your community. With the WooCommerce plugin, you can easily market your game, develop a gaming social network, expand your community, and even launch a gaming shop. Sell your video games, iPhone and Android applications, and gaming videos on the App Store.

By Using a page builder, you may construct any sort of page you want. Add a Godlike WordPress gaming theme into your blog entries and social media postings to spread the word. You get a slew of ready-to-use shortcodes, a limitless number of layout variants, and a variety of configuration choices for your gaming website. And, of course, a visually attractive, evocative, and up-to-date website design for gaming.

To develop your gaming website  you can utilize the blog post templates to keep your audience up to date on the newest gaming news. Using the Twitter and Instagram integration technology, you may quickly show material from social networking sites on your website.

When it comes to Godlike, the general design and layout are attractive, but it also offers all of the functionality you could possibly need for a gaming website.

5. Armadon – Gaming Community WordPress Theme

Armadon is a fantastic WordPress gaming theme that will assist you in creating a website for the gaming and eSports community. Event planning, news/blogs, team presentations, and a variety of other uses are possible with it.

Because of the way this theme was developed, you will be able to alter all of the complex layouts and templates straight from inside the WordPress

editor itself. Armadon is compatible with a variety of helpful plugins that can be used to enhance the functionality of your website. One such plugin is GamiPress, which allows you to reward your visitors and make your website more gamified.

If you’re looking for a game theme that’s packed with templates, Armadon is the correct solution for you.

6. Blackfyre – Create Your Own Gaming Community

Blackfyre takes pride in being one of the best gaming themes available, with features ranging from clan warfare to personalized sites to front-end forms. With this game theme, you can quickly and simply build a large community without having to worry about privacy, control, or anything else. It provides complete administrative management, ensuring that all members are delighted with the features. Your only task will be to choose what kind of game you want to develop, and this gaming community theme will take care of the rest.

Every member of your site will have their own profile page when you use this best gaming WordPress theme, and they will have the power to establish and manage groups of other users when you use this theme. This capability has been made possible in part by the BuddyPress WordPress plugin, which is free but very powerful, as well as the bbPress community forum plugin. Additionally, third-party plugins like as WooCommerce, which allows you to add a store to your site, WPML, which allows you to create a bilingual site, and the included premium WPBakery drag-and-drop page builder tool are supported.

When it comes to design, Blackfyre uses a striking layout that cascades down to all of the front-end pages of your website, giving your site an overall cohesive appearance and feel.

7. You play – Gaming WordPress Theme

Youplay is an unique and best gaming WordPress theme for game communities, clans, gaming news, and a gaming shop. It is sleek and adaptable, and it works with the fantastic WPBakery Page Builder. It was also developed with a powerfull admin settings panel that allows you to fine tweak the theme. It enables you to construct a WooCommerce shop, a game BuddyPress social network, a bbPress forum, an eSports and

gaming Clan Wars league, and a plain WordPress blog. It comes with an unlimited number of color schemes for your website.

you can get Complete support for the WooCommerce ecommerce plugin as well as the bbPress discussion forum extension is provided by Youplay. If you want to sell products from your website or create a community around your website, you will have no problem getting started with these two tools. They are both free.

Because of its eye-catching style and look, the trial edition of Youplay is certainly worth downloading and trying out for yourself.

8. Geco – eSports and Gaming WordPress Theme + bbpress

Geco is a Gaming WordPress theme designed for the publication of gaming, news, and entertainment-related material. A clean, contemporary, and dramatic contrast design is great for your game website’s appearance. This Theme has all of the important elements for a successful gaming website, such as About, Team, FAQ, Pricing Plans, Testimonials, Games, Galleries, News, Contacts, and so on. It also includes a page for each of the major gaming platforms. As a result, this Theme will undoubtedly provide a significant boost to your gaming company!

Full ecommerce support allows you to effortlessly add purchaseable physical and digital items to your gaming website or even create a comprehensive online store from the ground-up. In addition to ecommerce templates, Geco offers all of the templates required to include an online community or discussion forum into your website. In the event that you want to create a website where gamers may gather, this might be the theme you’ve been looking for!

Not only should Geco be very adaptable, but it should also have everything you could possibly need in a single package.

9.GoodLife – Magazine & Newspaper WordPress Theme

GoodLife gaming WordPress theme strives to give you with everything you want in order to develop a successful gaming website.

GoodLife is a popular multi-purpose WordPress theme that has been designed for a variety of projects, one of the numerous website demos is particularly well suited for gaming-related websites. It includes everything you’d expect to find on a professional video game website, and the GoodGame demo is no exception to this.

The design of the game demo is excellently suited to its intended demographic, as can be seen in the screenshots. We have picked the appropriate colors and tones for your website in order to guarantee that your visitors understand precisely what kind of material you will be posting on it. Throughout the homepage and inner content designs, there are areas for huge photos to be shown. Also included is an extensive collection of custom widgets, which makes it simple to fill your sidebars and other sections with intriguing material.

One of the most appealing aspects of this WordPress theme is the fact that it is completely ready to use. Installing the theme files is straightforward, and using the one-click importer to get your WordPress-powered game website live is simple as well. However, if there is anything about this theme or your website that you would want to modify, it is also not a problem. The bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin allows you to alter any of the example material with a drag-and-drop user interface, which makes it easy to customize your website.

In addition to these features, the GoodLife theme and its gaming demo offer a website ranking tracker that allows you to keep track of the visibility of your content in search engines such as Google, a viral quiz builder tool, numerous advertising placements, and an ever-expanding library of page templates.

A pre-built gaming website solution or a theme that can be readily altered are both options available with the GoodLife theme from ThemeForest.

10. Plaxer – Gaming and eSports WordPress

Plaxer is a powerful gaming WordPress theme designed specifically for gaming, eSports, streaming, and other similar activities. Everyone will be able to discover a page that is appropriate for them. It has  put together a large collection of components and styles for your fantastic website.

Plaxer gaming WordPress theme is more than capable of allowing you to sell products online or collect payments via your gaming website, thanks to its comprehensive ecommerce support through WooCommerce integration and a collection of online store designs. Alternatively, you can utilize this theme to establish an ecommerce site where you can sell video games and associated items.

Plaxer offers a visually appealing collection of templates that are centered on gaming and are certain to appeal to your target demographic.

11. Overworld – eSports and Gaming Theme

Overworld, a real esports and gaming WordPress theme that can help you step up your game! Get everything you need to start your own gaming magazine, or to showcase your team, gaming event, or other project. There are also several features that are specifically designed for gaming and esports websites, such as player, match, and tournament listings, among other things. Get Overworld now and complete the game.

If you want to build a website to support gaming tournaments, there’s a good probability that Overworld already has all of the pre-built material and templates you’ll want for this sort of project. On the Overworld demo site, you may view examples of the game tournament templates. If you take the time to look at them, you’ll find that they provide you with the opportunity to present all of the information you want in a visually appealing manner.

Overworld contains a sufficient number of templates and features to appeal to the majority of users who are looking for a high-quality game theme.

12.PixieFreak – eSports gaming theme for teams & tournaments

PixieFreak is the best gaming WordPress theme for eSports teams, tournament organizers, and all gaming lovers looking for a better gaming experience. The gaming WordPress theme was created with the objective of providing a variety of alternatives and allowing for a diverse range of distinct capabilities. You may use the gaming WordPress theme to create a website for your eSports team, gaming clan, news portal, or to stage a tournament using the included documentation. If you’re serious about eSports and have a lot of time on your hands, you can employ all of these alternatives at the same time.

The PixieFreak theme structure is designed to provide you the greatest amount of freedom. With PixieFreak, you can quickly hide, reveal, and reorganize elements of your website. You have the ability to customize the style, colors, and a variety of other aspects. The most essential thing to remember is that you don’t need any programming abilities to use this theme; everything can be done using the basic PixiePanel that comes along with it.

Multiple choices are provided in the theme, with the objective of making your work simpler and more practical. These include a list of matches, teams, player profiles, tournaments, sponsors, and streams, just to mention a few. Each page is created using a modular design approach, which makes it simple to change the look and content of a page at any time. When it comes to design trends, it is up to speed on the most recent ones. Not only that, but it is also responsive for all platforms, so whether you are browsing the great website you have created via an iPad or an iPhone, you can be certain that the quality will be consistent on all devices!

Aside from having a fantastic theme that is simple to use, it also features video lessons, documentation, and an author with a five-star rating. There are images for each choice and title in this documentation so that you can have a clear picture of what the word is about in your thoughts before reading it.

13. Arcane – The Gaming Community Theme

Are you fed up with playing by yourself or in a group of two people? Are you thinking about starting a gaming community or going to establish one? If you answered yes, then Arcane is the theme you should purchase. From team fights to competitions, this gaming theme contains everything you could possibly want to make your gaming experience a positive one. This community gaming theme comes with premium plugins and the ability to personalize team pages, colors, backgrounds, and user pages. You will never be disappointed with your choice of this gaming theme.

Arcane gaming WordPress theme will guarantee that you are able to develop a convincing gaming website, regardless of whatever combination of templates you choose to use.

14. Gamezone – Video Gaming Blog & Esports Store WordPress Theme

Gaming WordPress theme GameZone is the ultimate, colorful, and modern best gaming WordPress theme suitable for your bold clan or team page, gaming blog, gaming news agency, html5 games, lifestyle business company, broadcats, twitch streams, players stats and reviews, tabletop and interviews, community, gameplay, clan and team, PC games (action, arcade, console), shooting games (survival), role-playing games (MMORPG), tactical RPG, simulation, wargame, 4X game, strategy, vehicle.

Gamezone gaming WordPress offers three homepage templates that are all visually appealing and ready to use to assist you in building your new gaming website as fast as possible. Decide on the one you want to use, and then use the one-click demo importer tool to quickly and easily include those templates into your WordPress website. Because the Gamezone homepages are jam-packed with helpful and visually appealing elements, you should have no trouble finding everything you need to display the greatest information possible on your website.

Because Gamezone was designed to integrate with all of the finest page builder plugins for WordPress, including WPBakery Page Builder and Elementor, you will be able to make simple changes to the templates included with the theme. In just a few simple steps, you can customize the components on all of your sites, as well as their appearance and functionality, all thanks to the visual interfaces of these plugins. You may also make a plethora of additional modifications to your website by navigating to the Gamezone theme options and configuration page. Everyone who is interested in a collection of templates that are ready to use, as well as those who want to be more active in the design of their gaming website, should find this theme to be a good match.

It’s safe to say that Gamezone is a genuinely multifunctional WordPress gaming theme, owing to its many features.

15. Xion – Indie Game Developer Theme

Xion is one of the best WordPress theme designed specifically for independent game creators.

However, even though Xion only offers one demo, it has a really innovative design that will assist you in creating a visually stunning website. Given that this theme is designed specifically for game developers, its specialized emphasis should make it an appealing alternative for individuals who are putting up a website of this kind. Given that Xion is readily adjusted, if you enjoy the design of this theme but are developing a different sort of website, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make the required modifications to the theme.

The pre-built templates that come with Xion make it simple to create a page to your website that showcases the games or projects that you’ve been working on recently. Also included are templates for exhibiting your development studio and a complete range of blogging templates for presenting the latest industry news and updates from your business.

The Xion platform includes all of the ecommerce functionality you might possibly need to sell your games or other things online. Simply install and activate the WooCommerce plugin, add some goods, and the ecommerce templates from Xion will guarantee that those things are displayed in a professional manner to your target audience.

You can anticipate your website to be totally mobile responsive if you opt to develop it using Xion, which is appropriate since it is a popular gaming WordPress theme. Not only will it look fantastic on smartphones and other similar devices, but it will also be quite simple to use as a result of this. Xion is also capable of being translated. Consequently, displaying your information in different languages or translating your complete website shouldn’t be an issue in most cases.

It’s recommended that you choose Xion if you need to construct a high-quality website for a game development company or other comparable project in the future.

16. Soledad – Multipurpose, Newspaper, Blog & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Soledad is a sophisticated and versatile best gaming WordPress theme that is also trendy and stylish, interesting, and simple to use. This theme is

a versatile framework built for the smooth building of useful websites that include the most up-to-date and cutting-edge web technology available.

If you go through Soledad’s enormous library of over 300 various demos and page templates, you will always be able to discover the appropriate combination for your projects and needs. There are thousands of options.

With integrated WooCommerce compatibility, you can easily transform your Soledad gaming blog into a SPECIALIZED specialized item, product, or service online store in a matter of minutes. Soledad’s Bootstrap basis ensures that it is flawlessly displayed across all devices and browsers, making it completely mobile-friendly.

17.Respawn – Esports Gaming WordPress Theme

Respawn bring your gaming experience to the next level with this incredible esports theme! From one-click installation to page creation with Elementor, Respawn gaming WordPress theme provides everything you could possibly want in a WordPress theme. This game theme will not only allow you to build team matches, but it will also help you to achieve tremendous success in your e-commerce company. It is just your responsibility to determine the demands and modify this theme to meet them.

While on the quest for a gaming WordPress theme, consider becoming engaged with the incredibleness of Respawn. With a single click, you may install all of the demos that are currently accessible. From there, you may make more adjustments to the layout to suit your preferences.

Alternatively, feel free to use it straight out of the box and have a fully functional website up and running in a matter of seconds.

Respawn may be adjusted, improved, and enabled without the need to get behind the scenes and make any code modifications. Anyone may release his or her creative beast and become a champion at designing game websites thanks to the Elementor drag and drop page builder.

Respawn is a best gaming WordPress theme that is incredibly user-friendly for beginners.

A variety of theme possibilities, online shop compatibility, mobile-friendly layout, and a host of additional features are available to all Respawn customers.You can Launch your game website right now, and you’ll have it up and running quickly.

18.Eoorox – Gaming and eSports WordPress Theme

Eoorox is an eSports and gaming WordPress theme. Eoorox is a contemporary, clean & powerful WordPress theme with a strong contrast design that is ideal for game portals, clan websites, gaming events and eSports, as well as gaming studios, game communities, gaming news, and online stores. Display a list of your games, make announcements about broadcasts and matches, introduce your gaming clan, and do anything else that a contemporary eSports, gaming and game studio website might possibly require. Eoorox comes with three alternative Home pages, allowing you to provide your visitors with a more varied experience on your website. 

19.SquadForce – eSports Gaming WordPress Theme (formerly Good Games)

SquadForce is a gaming WordPress theme that can be used for any eSports-related website. If you’re looking for the greatest tool to develop an online magazine, a forum, a gaming website, or even an eCommerce website, SquadForce is the solution for you. It can do it all and then some with ease.

It is a helpful option that will suffice even for those who are constructing their very first website. After all, all of the page layouts and components are specified; moreover, you do not need to be a programmer to use this application.

There are a slew of Gutenberg blocks and hundreds of theme choices to choose from when creating pages. With the SquadForce gaming WordPress theme, you can quickly and simply adapt your website to reflect your company’s image. Create whatever pages you want, or just import preset demonstrations if you like.

The SquadForce gaming WordPress theme is based on GoodGames HTML template.

20.Chit Club – Board Games Club & Anticafe WordPress Theme

Chit Club is the most sophisticated and feature-rich gaming WordPress theme . If you’re searching for something a little more specific, Chit Club is the program you should start using right now.

There are a variety of demonstrations available for use with a variety of different purposes. With Chit Club, you can create everything from websites for clubs and businesses to gaming cafés and blogs, among other things.

Chit Club includes an Instagram feed, contact forms, a plethora of custom shortcodes, Elementor, and Slider Revolution in one enormous package of awesomeness.

It doesn’t matter how exacting your taste is; with Chit Club, you can be certain that you will bring to life the perfect page for your project no matter what.

Fill it up with your SIGNATURE STYLE and use it to make a splash on the web with something new and memorable.


In this content I emerged here 20 best gaming WordPress theme 2022. Most of the theme features are almost same. You can choose any of them as your wish. Hopefully this content will helpful for you to build a gaming website. If this content useful,please stay with us.

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